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-Recommended for a wedding held on Jul 14, 2007
Krys was awesome. She helped to make our hectic and exciting day, enjoyable and fun. We highly recommend her.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Jul 07, 2007
Krys was a pleasure to work with. She was professional, friendly and her work speaks for itself... we absolutely loved the pictures and our album... we couldn't have picked a better photographer. Thanks, Krys! Becky and Tim Campbell

-Recommended for a wedding held on Jun 09, 2007
Krys Streeter did an excellent job at our wedding. She managed to capture every important detail through out the day. My family was overjoyed when they saw the pictures. I immediately had some printed from Pictage. I would highly recommend her to someone searching for a photographer. Candace Powderly

-Recommended for a wedding held on May 27, 2007
Krys was so great! I know everyone says that, but she knew which pictures to take that would have good expressions/emotions, have good lighting, good composition, etc. My husband says that he didn't even notice her taking pictures half of the time, so he was pleasantly surprised with some of the shots because he didn't know they were captured in the photos. She was also really easy to work with, which is nice during one of the more stressful days of your lives. We would highly recommend her to any and everyone who is looking for a quality photographer for their wedding.

-Recommended for a wedding held on May 05, 2007
Krys was great! I barely even noticed her at the wedding, but she got loads of great pictures.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Apr 14, 2007
Krys Streeter did an amazing job at our wedding. Our guests never knew she was there and our pictures are beautiful. She was very professional and shot a variety of photos such as candids, black & whites, group shots, and many more.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Oct 21, 2006
I found Krys Streeter Photography through Pictage and was thrilled with their photos. Heather did a wonderful job catching all aspects of my wedding day and all the people involved. She took the usual family photos but also many many candids, capturing my guests' enjoyment of the day. Outdoor photos and photos of children were especially nice. Krys does not push you into purchasing any more than you need. Their prices are quite reasonable. I strongly recommend Krys Streeter Photography.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Oct 21, 2006
Not only are Krys' photographs beautiful, but they tell a story. She is wonderful and her work is outstanding. I would highly recommend her.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Oct 14, 2006
krys was great, she did not interrupt the flow of events on our wedding day and captured tons and tons of great photos

-Recommended for a wedding held on Oct 07, 2006
Krys was fantastic! Everyone is impressed with the quantity and quality of the photographs she took, include my husband and I! Everything was done on time and as she said it would be. Krys' pictures were creative and elegant, she took our wish list and added things we would not have thought of!

-Recommended for a wedding held on Sep 15, 2006
fantastic photos!

-Recommended for a wedding held on Aug 26, 2006
Krys Streeter is a great photographer... She took a ton of pictures throughout the night and we never knew she was there... she stayed in the background and got a lot of great pictures... i highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about using her as their photographer!

-Recommended for a wedding held on Jul 29, 2006
Krys was wonderful to work with at the wedding and took so many beautiful pictures! She has also been extremely patient with us since we have taken a long time to pick the pictures we want for our album. My father-in-law is actually going to use her for his wedding in Sept.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Jun 24, 2006
I remember seeing Krys twice -- once when she arrived at the wedding and once when she said goodnight at the end of the wedding. I think that's the sign of a great photographer. As we've looked through the pictures we've realized that Krys was everywhere on our wedding day. She got shots from every angle, pictures of every guest, and captured every important moment we wanted. Her style is elegant and candid, polished and unique. We would recommend her to everyone -- even those outside of the New England. She is worth it!!! We got married in CT, but planned the wedding from our home in California. She was so helpful over email and the phone. She's truly a fantastic photographer.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Jun 17, 2006
Krys was a wonderful photographer and my pictures came out spectacular. Not only did my husband and I appreciate her we had many compliments from our guests and other vendors.

-Recommended for a wedding held on May 20, 2006
Krys Streeter was wonderful to work with and we are very happy with our pictures. She did an amazing job and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to secure a wedding photographer.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Oct 22, 2005
i was so happy to have found krys streeter! the first time i met her i knew that i had to have her as my wedding photographer! she was the first and only photographer that i spoke with.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Oct 01, 2005
Krys & her staff were excellent to work with - I highly recommend them! my husband and I felt comfortable with Krys from the moment we met her and she does great work!

-Recommended for a wedding held on Sep 03, 2005
The photographic services were fantastic. Heather listened to what we wanted and followed exactly our wishes. She was also very respectful to everyone. Her style was very understated and was not an annoyance during the ceremony nor during the reception. With the ceremony and reception in our garden, she was able to get great shots at very creative angles that showed guests and garden beautifully. And she captured every single guest (individuals, couples, groups) in mostly candid, non-posed shots which were exactly what we asked for. Our guests have all commented on the professional, unobtrusive style of our wedding photographer. The end result is a great wedding album. THANK YOU!

-Recommended for a wedding held on Jul 31, 2005
Krys Streeter Photography was great! They were professional and very nice. They sort of blended into the background... you hardly knew they were there. And the pictures look amazing! We were really happy w/ their work and would highly recommend them.

-Recommended for a wedding held on Jul 02, 2005
Krys was great!! I love my photos! She was very helpful in answering questions before the wedding, and did a great job of capturing all the moments of the wedding without being in the way. She also took great candid shots of the guests. SUPER JOB!!!!

-Recommended for a wedding held on May 22, 2005
Great photos and a very easy going personality.

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