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Krys Streeter


Krys Streeter is an experienced wedding and portrait photographer.  She works in a photojournalistic style recording the moments as they happen.  She loves capturing intimate moments in an unobtrusive way.  She has had many brides tell her after the wedding that they did not even know she had taken those shots.  She also incorporates formal images but keeps the more traditional images casual and fun.  Krys has shot over 200 weddings and is familiar with many local venues.  A native of Concord, Massachusetts, she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography from the Massachusetts College of art in 1999 and has been shooting weddings ever since.  Her photography has appeared regularly at art exhibitions and art galleries in New England.

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Heather Wright


Heather grew up and currently lives in Concord, MA.  She graduated from NYU with a multi media art degree focusing on photography.  She has been doing photography for over 10 years and has been shooting weddings for Krys Streeter Photography for 4 years.  Heather has a great eye for details and capturing intimate candid moments.  Heather shot many of the images you see on our website.

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Jodie Tsekrekas


For Jodie Tsekrekas, photography began as a hobby, and evolved into a profession through time and intense study. Initially interested in photographing landscapes and children, Jodie became fascinated with faces and emotion after studying portraiture in Manhattan with renowned photographer, Joyce Tenneson. An exceptional student of art and photography, her professors were happy to refer clients to her, and before she knew it, she had built a photography business.

A self-described "hopeless romantic", Jodie loves weddings, viewing them as an opportunity to record one of the most beautiful rituals in two people's lives. Jodie prides herself on capturing the details, and strives to show the beauty of the day through her unique perspective.

Jodie's style utilizes elements of both fashion photography and photojournalism. This unique combination makes her perfectly suited to wedding photography because she is equally adept at being the "fly on the wall" photojournalist, as she is the fashion photographer who can easily run a portrait session.

Jodie Tsekrekas's work has has been featured in exhibits in both Newburyport and Haverhill, Massachusetts. When not behind the camera, she enjoys spending her time with her husband George, and sons, Max and Tommy.

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